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Thijs de Jong: Erik Johansson
Erik Johannson special

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is een 23 jarige student uit zweden, ik kwam zijn interessante beelden tegen en had besloten zijn werk hier te plaatsen. Over studenten is vaak nog niet zo veel informatie te vinden, dus heb ik hem zelf maar het een en ander gevraagd. Lees verder voor zijn antwoorden

Can you tell something about your background, wich studies did you follow and what are you doing at the moment?

Right now I am studying my masters program in Interaction design at Chalmers university of technology in Göteborg, Sweden.
This doesn’t really have much to do with the manipulations that I make, but it’s a good compliment to the studies. I guess that it’s
my way of relaxing.

Your images look very surrealistic, do you involve surrealism in all of your work or is this a specific selection?

All of my images are products of ideas that I got and most of those ideas are surrealistic. My webpage is the window to the work
that I do that I think is good enough to show to people. I guess that I like surrealism since it is a good way of getting around the
fact that it have to look real.

Can you give us an idea of your workflow, how do you get these ideas?

I think that ideas can come under the most unexpected circumstances, therefore, always be ready to document them in some way. If you
cant make a drawing at least print it down in your cellphone, otherwise they might be gone in a few seconds. Just look at the surroundings and
ask yourself how it could be different.

Thanks for sharing Erik

Erik Johansson

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