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Thijs de jong

‘Machete’ as seen through the eyes of Danny Trejo.

Mekanism - Machete

Mekanism is an amazing studio that specialize on viral and spreading buzzes. They made this theatrical stop-motion interpretation of Machete Where Danny Trejo himself gives us the story at lightning speed. They worked with their client Pepsi,Brisk to manifest an instant identity discourse for the brand. A briliant translation of Danny’s persona.

Check the Lipton Brisk Machete video on youtube in HD


Machine Gun

Machine Gun is een Nieuwe videoclip voor het drum ‘n bass producertrio Noisa. Regiseur Henk Loorbach van Superelectric zei er het volgende over “It’s an abstract telling of mankind and it’s self destructiveness, loosely based on the tale of Frankenstein’s monster”.

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