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the font game

The Font Game

I’m playing this game for a while, but the more i play the more i’m loving it. The font game is only based on the multiple choise system, four options choose the right one. After 30 questions there is an overview of your answers, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. To get in the Hall of Fame you have to get the answers right ├índ do it fast. It’s playable online but more fluidly on iphone or itouch plus you can use every lost minute on the go wisely. When you’re able to instantly distinguish and name all the 657 font samples you must be close to becoming a type-guru.


I Love Dust: MTV Sight

I Love Dust tried to ellaborate on this animation with the words “the concept of this spot came to us in a rum fuelled daydream and we’re still not sure what it all means”. They’ve collaborated with 55dsl on this project to make sure no one really gets it. I love the dark feel behind the colorfull chaos wich gives MTV that little bit more manhood. It will be aired across 63 MTV channels worldwide

Sound design by


Devin & Glenn

Van Saatchi & Saatchi een valide reden om homosexuelen gewoon te laten trouwen. _to the 44% of californians who believe homosexuals should not be alowed to marry
we offer the following perspective_


Peter Sebastian

Peter Sebastian maakt heerlijke typografische plaatjes, een hoop

Marc paeps

Marc Paeps

Marc Paeps (Londen) heeft een hoop fotografie verzorgd voor advertenties ‘die we nog wel kennen’..

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